Boyertown Antiques was founded in 1965 by Lois and Richard Malmberg. The shop is situated on a magnificent Pennsylvania farm with a fully stocked pond and wandering streams. A "full line" Antique shop that concentrated on fine quality pieces of any era. Both Lois and Richard loved antiques and were initially quite enamored by fine art glass. Their business began to bloom and it became quite evident that their love had become a full time job. Richard would spend many hours scouring the Pennsylvania country side in search of quality pieces. Lois would spend many hours in the shop, working on display, advertising and educating customers as to the value of collecting antiques.

Boyertown Antiques soon became a tradition. It became a "must see" for all antique collectors. Fine clocks and Pennsylvania furniture became the shops specialty. Some of the finest clocks in Pennsylvania History have crossed the door step of Boyertown Antiques and continue to do so today.

Current owners and second generation, Leif and Kathy Malmberg remain dedicated to supplying only the finest quality antiques to their collectors and dealers. Owners since 1995, the shop remains "the place" to buy that special piece. Leif (Lois and Richard's son) has been in the business for most of his life. Oiling, refinishing and repairing fine furniture from a early age, was the finest "hands on" education of the antique business that one could acquire. Kathy has helped develop the shop into a warm friendly environment. Her warm love for antiques is quite evident as she assists customers much in the same tradition as Lois. Our goal is to make all our customers happy with their purchases and to provide them with as much knowledge as possible.

You will see from the pictures displayed here, the quality and beauty we strive to provide for our customers. When looking for that next "special" piece for your home, please take the time to inspect one of the finest and largest inventories of Antiques and accessories anywhere. Our shop hours are extensive and special hours can be arranged by a simple phone call.